Tobias Tavella places the concept of intersubjective reality, which holds significance within the community, at the core of his artistic exploration. His work delves into a comprehensive examination of reality and the interplay with space. Tavella's fascination with space is twofold: he delves into the philosophical aspects of space, involving concepts of boundaries and expansiveness, and also explores the practical spatial requirements for art creation, including studios and exhibition venues.

Mostly his installations are composed with natural materials wich he finds in the great outdoors, such as driftwood, bones, and branches. These organic forms are juxtaposed with man-made materials, often featuring angular, raw-edged spare components like metal tubes. His aime is to create captivating compositions that harmonize the contrast between natural and human-made forms.

His temporary spatial interventions reflect the social framework of art, it's conditions of production and representation. Art production needs space, just as it needs places for presentation.

Tobias Tavella calls his artistic practice of temporary working and exhibition spaces "Dynamic Studio Practice". He himself becomes a nomad in search of space.


Born on 8th of February 1990 in Bressanone, Italy.
Currently resides in La Val, Southtyrol.


2010-2015 University of Arts (UDK-Berlin)


2014-2017 Studio Olafur Eliasson (Wood Workshop)


2017 Venice Biennale (Collaboration with Dawn Kasper-Padiglione generale) IT
curated by Christine Macel

2019 Hospitz “after the Burn” Egna IT
curated by Georg Giovanelli

2019 50x50x50 Fortezza/Franzenfeste (Freiräume) IT
curated by Hartwig Thaler 

2019 Trienala Ladin (Exhibition at Museum Ladin) IT
curated by Günther Moschig

2019 “aB” exhibition at Aiarei-Lüch da Paur IT

2020 “Ohne euch geht gar nichts” Exhibition at Galleria Civica Bressanone IT
curated by Karin Pernegger

2020 “Le Post è la lerch-The place is the space” Gallerie am Polylog AT
curated by Günther Moschig 

2021 „sheep under a tree“ Bolzano/Bozen curated by Maximilian Pellizzari

2021 „a moment in time“ at Museion Bolzano/Bozen
during “here to stay”

2021 „a moment in time“ at Museion Bolzano/Bozen
during “here to stay”

2022 “what do landscape dream of” curated by Sarah Solderer and Mara Vöcking at Tublà da Nives Wolkenstein IT

2022 “Europa 20” exhibition with Insalata-mista studio and Ignacio Merino Bolzano IT

2023 “GENUS DREDIA” curated by Greta Langgartner & Lisa Trockner at Tublà da Nives Wolkenstein IT