Dynamic STUDIO practice.

Dynamic studio practice is a way of working were the artist is always moving his studio. The artist takes over for different periods of time all kind of unused spaces. Those spaces can be old traditional structures, open spaces in the woods or exibition spaces. This kind of moving studio keeps the creation always away from routines. 


Born on 8th of February 1990 in Bressanone, Italy.
Currently resides in La Val, Southtyrol.


2010-2015 University of Arts (UDK-Berlin)


2014-2017 Studio Olafur Eliasson


2017 Venice Biennale (Collaboration with Dawn Kasper-Padiglione generale)

2019 50x50x50 Fortezza/Franzenfeste (Freiräume)

2019 Trienala Ladin (Exhibition at Museum Ladin)


tobias.tavella (at) gmx.de

Contemporary art
Southtyrol, Italy.