organ pipes on
wooden carrier

with air pressure system

“Music often follows strict boundaries, either because of the medium it reproduces or because of the timing of the sound event. In contemporary music, much is learned about synthesized copies of the original sound event . But the true sound of life is not reproduced by loudspeaker systems. He exists only for the moment. The sound experience of sounds is always different, always unique. Sounds are aging, but the environment is changing as well. Thus, there is no way to accurately reproduce a sound without digital or mechanical aids. The result is fleeting and unique sounds, which are forever in the great sound concert of the planet Earth.

The wheelbarrow as a very archaic tool seemed to me to be ideal as a structure for the instrument. It allows you to move in space, which allows you to steer the sound in different, self-determined directions.

RMR works with an air pressure system. you pump air into a pressure vessel by hand. If enough pressure has been built, the pipes mounted on the tool can be made to sound for a certain amount of time.The frequencies are deliberately kept low to better produce an ambient sound.

"Sounds remind us that we live."
Johann Peter Hebel

"Open your ears everything around us is music!"
John Cage

“In antiquity there was only silence. In the nineteenth century, with the invention of the machine, Noise was born. Today, Noise triumphs and reigns supreme over the sensibility of men.”
Luigi Russolo

photo credits:
Tobias Tavella