acrylic paint 
on wood  2016

This artwork has i’s focus on the process of painting something. When a piece in Art production or a painting  is painted there are always used structures or wood pieces to hold the object. This artwork is made of those pieces. 
In this particular case an object needed to be painted black. But color always falls on the ground or on the support structure. I took the pieces of the support structure cutted them all to the same lenght. After cutting i arranged the wood pieces in the order that you can see in the picture and framed it.

This artwork is about chaos brought back in to order.

“We see that each surface is really a pair of surfaces, so that, where they appear to merge, there are really four surfaces. Continuing this process for another circuit, we see that there are really eight surfaces etc and we finally conclude that there is an infinite complex of surfaces, each extremely close to one or the other of two merging surfaces.”

Edward Norton Lorenz