mobile installation


MUSEION Bolzano/Bozen (IT)

Tobias Tavella

Time passes, time is restless.
Every single second unique, lived and perceived.

Ghosts awake or never slept.  
Were they always there but never seen?
We are temporary.
Never forget.
The flow of time.
A steady drip.

In the "Branches" mobile installation by Tobias Tavella in 2021, a striking contrast unfolds between the timeless, natural forms of poplar tree branches adorned with lichen and the precise, geometric presence of metal tubes. This compelling juxtaposition highlights the intricate dance between organic and artificial elements. The branches, once part of a living poplar tree, bear the marks of time and the gentle embrace of lichen, showcasing nature's resilience and its silent, unhurried growth. They are a poignant reminder of the continuity of life, the quiet ghosts of existence that remain, even if often overlooked. 

Interwoven with the branches are metrical metal tubes, connected with yarn. This addition transforms the organic elements into a mobile, a dynamic installation that moves slowly in eccentric circles. It is influenced by the air circulation within the exhibition space and the presence of passing spectators. As the mobile shifts and sways, it invites contemplation about the fluidity of time and the transient nature of our lives. This mobile installation is a exploration of the passage of time and our place within it, urging us to embrace the beauty in both the enduring and the ephemeral.

Foto credit:
Ignacio Merino