“drifting in place ”

Jam session 

“A Meander” in collaboration with Future Farmers 

Bolzano/Bozen (IT)
Tobias Tavella

Future Farmers
A Meander

A Meander is a multi-year project by the artist collective Futurefarmers, with the aim of creating a permanent artistic installation along the two rivers Talvera and Isarco in Bolzano. “A Meander” puts people in new relationships with the diverse phenomena of the flowing water we call “river”: Stories, imaginations, ebb and flow, shorelines, fictions, sedimentations, life forms, fossils, seeds and the potential of its power. Drawing on the human (and very local) history of extracting kinetic energy from moving bodies of water, the past is reconsidered through artistic investigation and action. Sound becomes a unifying element and an impulse to reflect on how we live together with the “river” (and all its inhabitants) – how we have shaped it and, more importantly, how it has shaped and continuously shapes us.

Act 1: A meander with River Friends

In May 2022 Futurefarmers explore different places along the rivers in Bolzano and transform them into an open sound space. In this first act, the artists move up and down the river with a few requisites and a small group of “river friends” – local sound artists, musicians and people working with electric circuits. Futurefarmers build a series of small, mobile water wheels enabling the contact with the river; one is a large backpack with piano strings on its back and another is a long wheelbarrow with a gramophone. Each ” requisite” is animated by the flow of the river, creating a score for the scenographies encountered along the riverbank. Provisional in design but charismatic as an image, these “relational objects” attract curious passing-by and open a space of questioning and shared dialogue. Ideas emerge about the power of the river, its ecosystem, its history and a shared interest in using sound as a medium to enhance engagement with the river and the city’s inhabitants.

FLUX – River interventions and explorations is a two-year project in which Lungomare will explore the riverscapes of Bolzano in collaboration with artists, architects, researchers, and city residents. Public formats throughout the year will reveal the undiscovered potential of the urban river landscape, with the aim of stimulating a joint production of desires.

Foto credit:
Ignacio Merino