experimental music instrument  

exhibitet at Galleria Europa Bolzano/Bozen (IT)

made during the 5. sculpture symposium Toni Gross “SURLPLUS”

In the artwork titled "Drum" from 2022, the concept of upcycling and material reuse takes center stage. Its creation predominantly upcycles materials, embodying sustainability and the transformative potential of creative reimagining. The support structure is crafted from reclaimed wood, revitalizing discarded timbers. An obsolete satellite dish finds renewed purpose as the drum's resonant body, while salvaged metal rings and repurposed ropes, which once served different roles, are ingeniously used for tensioning the drumhead. Inside the drum, an enchanting neon ring light is mounted, adding a captivating visual element to the artwork. An integrated contact microphone bridges analog and digital sound, amplifying the drum's heartbeat and extending its resonance.

Wood, reclaimed satellite dish, metal rings, repurposed ropes,contact microphone (for sound amplification), neon ring light.
Tobias Tavella

Foto credit:
Ignacio Merino