Tobias Tavella
Hugo Vallazza
forma trovata, da trovare


The works of Val Gardena artist Hugo Vallazza (1955-1997, Ortisei), created between 1976 and 1995, stand out for their independence and radicalism. The artist, who was rarely inclined to present his work to the public during his lifetime, chose to allow his paintings to exist beyond the public's perception requirements, giving them a timeless dimension.

The reduction and concentration on the simple and elementary of his 'form found, to be found”, as Vallazza calls it in his writings, does not symbolize but is an authentic condition of entropy, a spiritual and existential experience of emptiness.

This is also evident in the works of the young Val Badia artist Tobias Tavella (1990, La Valle). In his installations, Tavella juxtaposes natural materials found outdoors, such as bones and branches, with man-made artificial materials, such as crude spare parts.

An attitude that leads to another fundamental topic of the exhibition, namely our personal image of the relationship between culture and nature, which has long since ceased to reside in metaphors of the beautiful and idyllic, nor in a pathetic lament about man's alienation from nature. The works act as opaque systems, not pondered and studied, but instinctive and intuitive.

Foto credit:
Luca Meneghel for Galleria Doris Ghetta