“stone of madness”

The performance developed a narrative on different levels, including performance practices, spoken-word performance and musical improvisation.

Multimedia artist Tobias Tavella (Brixen, 1990) performed a sound performance improvised with guitar, synthesizer and effects, creating a sound environment that reacts to the acting of Maximilian Pellizzari (Bassano del Grappa, 1996) and the performance of Dora Musola (Negrar, 2000).

During the performance, Tobias Tavella will develop an improvisation that integrates analog and electronic sounds in dialogue with the recited text Fish and Oranges, 2019  by Pellizzari. The two texts develop nonlinear narratives, combining everyday scenes withsurreal moments between rationality and irrationality.

The performance Sweet Power, 2023 by Dora Musolais repurposed to develop a discourse between power and submission. The artist wears a magical object inspired by the stone of madness, which in the medieval collective imagination was located inside the forehead and was considered responsible for the madness of patients who werewere affected.

The three practices converge in a performance that combines the different practices, in which the relationship between intentionality and developments beyond unambiguous definitions of meaning is investigated.

The performance aims to demonstrate how art can offer experiences that expand our perceptual spectrum beyond rationality by using language in a nondirectional way, opening it up todiverse interpretations.

Foto credit:
Tiberio Sorvillo