tube, driftwood, fluorescent light
Tobias Tavella

In the artwork titled "Tube," created by Tobias Tavella in 2020, a captivating juxtaposition unfolds between the raw, organic driftwood and the precise geometry of a plastic tube. The natural form of the driftwood, shaped and weathered by the forces of the river, offers a sense of timelessness and rugged elegance.

Within this contrasting framework, the plastic tube emerges, a beacon of contemporary structure, and a stark departure from the untamed aesthetics of the driftwood. This tube encapsulates both the driftwood and a fluorescent neon light, its geometric precision forming a vessel for the interplay of light and wood.

The neon light, with its bold fluorescence, traverses the wood like a probing force, illuminating the grains and contours of the driftwood's surface. This dynamic encounter between the artificial and the natural, the orderly and the irregular, creates a visual dialogue that prompts contemplation about the ever-evolving relationship between humanity and nature. 

collection Südtiroler Sparkasse

photo credits:
Tobias Tavella